Rachel Delevingne's Projects

Below is a list of projects that I have created or contributed to, in reverse chronological order by my first contribution date.

Nb. Both /racheldelevingne and /rauchman on GitHub are my profiles.

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Project Licence
Calenjar Calenjar (pronounced calensar) is a Discord JDA bot written in Clojure that provides daily date reminders as well as interesting facts about the current date. Currently in planning stages. Pending license decision.
Currency Calculator A simple video game currency calculator. Currently supports only the Warhammer fantasy currency. Copyright, pending licence decision.
RI5DiscordBot RI5DiscordBot is a simple Discord JDA bot used by a Cyber Nations alliance to extend some functions of their forum to their Discord server. BSD 3-Clause Licence
ShepBot ShepBot is a simple Discord JDA bot that adds a single reaction to every message in a Discord channel. BSD 3-Clause Licence

Client work

Client Hyperlink
Read Business Services, LLC A website for an accounting firm. Bootstrap, HTML 5, CSS 3/4, PHP, JavaScript. Website
Innovation Enterprises, LLC An e-commerce website for an independent farm. WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML 5, CSS 3. Website
P.C. Station LTD A website for an IT company. Bootstrap, HTML 4, CSS 3. Website
Nordreich EU Gaming Community A website (currently unused) and several forum styles for a European gaming community. phpBB, HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, SSI. Website